Harmonious Harrumphing

It’s only a fifteen-minute bus ride on the P4 from Brixton tube station to get to the Dulwich Picture Gallery but it feels more like some kind of time-travelling Tardis ride back about fifty years or more. And as anyone who opts to take the slightly bumpy and circuitous route will soon discover, it’s a … Continued

Analogue Pedestrian

Head down to Liverpool Street tube station where exiting means first entering the bustling overland station concourse, at which point the innocent traveller is confronted with the choice of the two diametrically opposed stairwells that lead up and out on to street level. These are situated at either end of the long narrow nave of … Continued

Symmetrical Reciprocity

Head down to Charing Cross tube station then sidle along the side of Trafalgar Square before edging up the incline and past the National Gallery on my way to get to the National Portrait Gallery. Evidently there must be a bit of a heightened security risk today as some poor bloke is stuck by the … Continued

Sproglet Sizes

Head down to Southwark tube station and then start out along the long fifteen minutes walk to get to Tate Modern, stopping en route at the Sainsburys convenience store to get the super six-spoonfulls of sugary sweet uplift and effervescent carbon dioxide bubble intake refreshment that only a tin of lip-smacking fizzy Coke can provide.  It’s … Continued

Entablatured Ingress

Head down to Piccadilly tube station and then once again walk along to the Royal Academy.  But this time, instead of crossing the concourse, rotating through the revolving doorway and following the rest of the whirling crowds into the great carousel jamboree of the annual Summer Show exhibition extravaganza, I dodge past them all, turn … Continued

Gee-Whizz Spot

Head off down to London Bridge tube station and then stay on the shadowy side of the street in order to try to avoid the ultra-violent ultraviolet rays that are beaming down and bouncing up onto my shimmering sweltering surfaces.  But it’s not just the heat that’s in danger of causing a slight malfunctioning of … Continued

Conflagrationary Fate

Head down to Charing Cross tube station and then stroll along the Strand to get to Somerset House, the rather elegant Neo-Classical Georgian construction that was originally home to its eponymous Duke; before more recently housing the Government’s registry of births, deaths and marriages; then becoming the HQ of the Inland Revenue; and now is … Continued

Glasnostalgic Attempts

Head on down to Southwark tube station and then stroll along to Tate Modern to take a look at the Natalia Goncharova exhibition that opened there a couple of weeks ago.  And I have to admit that she’s not an artist about whom I know very much.  I sort of vaguely recognise the name and … Continued

Straitjacketed Actuality

Following on from the sunny Surrealist sojourn of last week’s blog, the weather has suffered a sudden spell of bipolarisation with winds from the north causing a climatic case of depression, or some such malign meteorological situation made manifest by unremitting sobs of rain and the expression of a generally much chillier dispositional temperament.  I … Continued

Ethereal Pixality

The sun is shining but I’m feeling cool.  After all, I’ve got my newly acquired super-strength sunglasses balanced on the end of my nose, my peaked New York MOMA baseball cap protecting the tonsured top of my craggy cranium and, in combination with my creamy off-white colour-coordinated M&S lightweight cotton and polyester suit, I reckon … Continued