Sunk Costs

Head down to Pimlico tube station and then watch the storm clouds start to gather as I set off on the ten minute walk to get to Tate Britain.¬† The nearer I get to the gallery, the darker the skies become and I’m expecting to get a disheartening dousing on the final fifty yard dash … Continued

Heightened Excitability

Head down to London Bridge tube station and take the Tooley Street exit, which means barging past the troupe of poor, sad out-of-work actors who lurk around this part of the concourse dressed up as ghouls and ghosts in order to help get in character for the demanding role of handing out tourist flyers for … Continued

Teen Thriller

After the last couple of blogs, where I’ve been reporting back from some of the public galleries sited outside the main metropolistic hub of the artworld’s cultural capital, I feel that my wonderlustical urges have been suitably sated…at least for the time being. And so, with the sunny summer interludes starting to subside under the … Continued

Swagger and Strut

After¬†last week’s stroll along the soft southern streets of Bath, today I’m relocated several miles northwards for a few days situated among the grittier meaner streets of Manchester and Liverpool. Although, since most of my time will be spent in the same chains of coffee bars that I frequent when in London, and the public … Continued

Boisterous Bravado

It feels like it’s time to take a trip outside the city again so get the tube down to Paddington and board a train heading West. The carriage is nicely empty and quiet when I get on and I’m just settling down to a snooze when suddenly there’s a riotous explosion of raucous energy and … Continued

Sooty Deposits

Head down to Victoria tube station and, slightly to my surprise, manage to speedily and successfully steer my way through all the complex coagulation of intersecting and overlapping roads and pedestrian pathways and get on to Buckingham Palace Road, en route to the Palace. No, Her Majesty has not requested my attendance at an audience … Continued

Detrital Scrap

Head down to Vauxhall tube station and then take the short walk round to Bonnington Square where I manage to meet for a catch-up chat with my old old friend, the great artist, raconteur, bon viveur and wit Rita Keegan. It was over thirty years ago when we both worked together helping to run the … Continued

Tsunamic Swell

By way of a slight change away from the usual discursive essay describing thoughts, analysing insights and propounding the propositions prompted by a walkabout around some single large exhibition or selection of other smaller gallery shows, I thought I’d make the current blog a special variant double-header, featuring two separate arty outings, all for the … Continued

Harmonious Harrumphing

It’s only a fifteen-minute bus ride on the P4 from Brixton tube station to get to the Dulwich Picture Gallery but it feels more like some kind of time-travelling Tardis ride back about fifty years or more. And as anyone who opts to take the slightly bumpy and circuitous route will soon discover, it’s a … Continued

Analogue Pedestrian

Head down to Liverpool Street tube station where exiting means first entering the bustling overland station concourse, at which point the innocent traveller is confronted with the choice of the two diametrically opposed stairwells that lead up and out on to street level. These are situated at either end of the long narrow nave of … Continued