Harmonious Harrumphing

It’s only a fifteen-minute bus ride on the P4 from Brixton tube station to get to the Dulwich Picture Gallery but it feels more like some kind of time-travelling Tardis ride back about fifty years or more. And as anyone who opts to take the slightly bumpy and circuitous route will soon discover, it’s a … Continued

Analogue Pedestrian

Head down to Liverpool Street tube station where exiting means first entering the bustling overland station concourse, at which point the innocent traveller is confronted with the choice of the two diametrically opposed stairwells that lead up and out on to street level. These are situated at either end of the long narrow nave of … Continued

Symmetrical Reciprocity

Head down to Charing Cross tube station then sidle along the side of Trafalgar Square before edging up the incline and past the National Gallery on my way to get to the National Portrait Gallery. Evidently there must be a bit of a heightened security risk today as some poor bloke is stuck by the … Continued