Conflagrationary Fate

Head down to Charing Cross tube station and then stroll along the Strand to get to Somerset House, the rather elegant Neo-Classical Georgian construction that was originally home to its eponymous Duke; before more recently housing the Government’s registry of births, deaths and marriages; then becoming the HQ of the Inland Revenue; and now is … Continued

Glasnostalgic Attempts

Head on down to Southwark tube station and then stroll along to Tate Modern to take a look at the Natalia Goncharova exhibition that opened there a couple of weeks ago.  And I have to admit that she’s not an artist about whom I know very much.  I sort of vaguely recognise the name and … Continued

Straitjacketed Actuality

Following on from the sunny Surrealist sojourn of last week’s blog, the weather has suffered a sudden spell of bipolarisation with winds from the north causing a climatic case of depression, or some such malign meteorological situation made manifest by unremitting sobs of rain and the expression of a generally much chillier dispositional temperament.  I … Continued

Ethereal Pixality

The sun is shining but I’m feeling cool.  After all, I’ve got my newly acquired super-strength sunglasses balanced on the end of my nose, my peaked New York MOMA baseball cap protecting the tonsured top of my craggy cranium and, in combination with my creamy off-white colour-coordinated M&S lightweight cotton and polyester suit, I reckon … Continued

Subtextual Suggestion

As regular readers of this blog may recall, six months or so ago the Barbican Art Gallery served up a bit of a turkey of a show by way of an exhibition entitled Happy Families or Mr & Mrs or some such jolly configurative appellation.  In fact, the premise behind the show wasn’t such a … Continued

Encouraging Augury

Head down to Canada Water tube station today, which is way out East and definitely a bit off the usual artistic beaten track down which I more frequently make my meandering perambulations. But I’m feeling adventurous today so when I ride the escalators back up to ground level and find myself in the muddled middle … Continued

Cholesterolic Clagging

Start the day off at Marylebone station where, since I happen to be feeling a tad esurient, I ponder upon the wide range of fast food feeding options available in the concourse here.  It’s a choice of comestibles that range from savoury to sweet – from baguettes, burgers and bagels to fancily frosted fairy cakes … Continued

Gouty Twinges

Head down to Oxford Circus tube station and as I emerge from the subterranean depths my eyes are met with the full penetrative force of a billion solar sunbeams bashing their way up against my optical nerve endings and sparking off a cascade of neural brain waves that ripple and rollick around the core of … Continued

Prettily Plinthed

It’s head down and hoodie up when I exit Southwark tube station and enter into the drizzly meteorological coagulation of wind and rain that swirls around me as I splash my way along the puddliferous pavements to get to the monstrous megalithic structure that is Tate Modern.  But then, damply entering the great cultural temple, … Continued

Outlandishly Outsized

Head down to Tottenham Court Road tube station and then swing on round to the British Museum where, thankfully, the queue to get through the security tent which, on some previous occasions has been off-puttingly long, is now, currently invitingly short.  Approaching the nothing-to-declare channel I notice a useful little notice advising that among the … Continued