Dropping Perpendiculars

After the last couple of blogging weeks spent on tourist trails searching out the highlights of Liverpudlian and Mancunion cultural life, it definitely feels like time to flee South and return home.  And so after boarding a mainline train at Manchester’s Piccadilly terminal I’m pleased to be able to indulge in the kind of Modernistic … Continued

Scourge of Mendicancy

Following on from last week’s Liverpool blog, I’ve now travelled the thirty-odd miles in an easterly direction to arrive at one of the other great potential powerhouse cities of the North.  Although the fact that the train journey took me almost an hour to get to Manchester is perhaps an indication of just how much … Continued

Soggy Salad Days

It’s that time of year again when the London artworld is happily dozing through the final few weeks of its summer recess and I feel a sudden migratory urge to visit the gray rainy Northern lands where I spent my happy formative student years carousing in bars, dodging lectures, forgetting to write essays and generally … Continued


Head down to Waterloo station and then walk round to the Southbank complex, through the Festival Hall and past the fountains on to the gray, grim brutalist structure that is the Hayward Gallery.  Currently there’s nothing to see in the main display space here as it’s closed for a rehang but the small subsidiary annex … Continued

Age of Absurdity

Head down to Charing Cross Road tube station and then slide along the side of Trafalgar Square that gets me to the revolving doors through which I can then revolve into the National Portrait Gallery.  The main special temporary exhibition here today is a sort of tribute to the talents of; or celebration of the … Continued