That Devil Incubus Prawn

Wake up feeling a bit rough. It’s as if someone managed to sneak into my room in the middle of the night, punch me a couple of times on my right side just below the ribs, and then exit, all without waking me up. It brings to mind the famous Fuseli painting, in which a … Continued

Modern Sporting Exercises

Time to give the plates a bit of a break, so go to Oxford Circus and take a short stroll to Eastcastle Street, where there’s a trio of little galleries all in a row that can be ticked off the list without having to do any additional tubing, bussing or walking. First off is Pilar … Continued

Giggles and Raspberries

Get out at Embankment and take a walk along by the river, stopping for a look at Cleopatra’s Needle. Inscribed with hieroglyphs, guarded by a pair of bronze Victorian sphinxes and bombed by German aeroplanes during the First World War, this great big lump of stone must be the oldest, and certainly the heaviest, bit … Continued

Exasperational Activities

If you read the last blog then you’ll know that, irrespective of the dateline above, I am, in fact, still in Oxford and it’s still yesterday – at least, they’re the space-time co-ordinates for where I’m starting off from, although it is going to turn into tomorrow somewhere towards the end of the posting. Anyway, … Continued

The Ever-Widening Jaws

It feels like time to go and see some art outside of the capital, so decide to take a trip to that great historical center of learning – the modern-day high-tech hub and focus for potential extra-mural iconoclastic activities – Oxford. Exiting the railway station, I sort of half-expect to be greeted by a picturesque … Continued

A More Ferocious Rodent

To Old Street station and am pleasantly surprised to find that when I emerge from the underworld and into the light, I’ve actually managed to pick the right subway exit to take me in the direction of Shoreditch. I’m heading that way to get to the Flowers gallery where Michael Sandle is currently showing a … Continued

The Great Wall of Trump

Walking into the Lisson Gallery, the woman standing around invigilating the ground floor spaces warns me to take care, as the walls are still wet. Or she says something like that. I’m not really paying attention and my hearing is no longer 20:20, or whatever the numbers are that audiologists use to measure those kinds … Continued

Cognitive Processes and Sausages

To Aldgate East and the Whitechapel Art Gallery, where I fill in the form to renew my lapsed membership, and it’s rather pleasant to discover that now I’ve finally finished growing up, I qualify for the oldie’s discount, which brings the fee down to only £30. It does say on the form that I’m meant … Continued

The Joys of Text

It’s not just the laboured punch line of an in-joke on a long-running, and occasionally quite funny, radio comedy quiz show but, as I can confirm having been there today, Mornington Crescent does truly exist and has a definite, physical presence in the material world in which we now find ourselves revolving. Furthermore, just outside … Continued