Cans of Lager

Over to Lancaster Gate tube station and then cross the road to get into Kensington Gardens which is gradually filling up with joggers, dog walkers, wandering tourists and happy squabbling families, all out enjoying the sticky summer heat.  Apparently it’s even hotter eighteen hundred miles away at the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium where the youthful heroes … Continued

Tons of Nails

To Charing Cross tube station and exit into Trafalgar Square to take a look at the latest lump of sculpture that’s been plonked down on to that most famous of all transient artistic staging posts:  the so-called fourth plinth.  Rather like the annual commission to fill the Tate’s Turbine Hall, this is another great potential … Continued

Regal Trollop

Exit the tube at Piccadilly and the sun seems to be in a beneficent mood as it smiles sweetly down on the parading pates below.  There’s a bright azure blue sky flecked with a few fluffy white clouds above and a pleasant light breeze is helping to waft me along the road.  The climatical ambience … Continued

Importing Novelty

Down to Waterloo tube station and then with fingers firmly crossed head over to the Hayward Gallery.  Well, after being closed for a couple of years and spending several million pounds on a renovative refurb and revamp that barely altered the building in any discernable way, Andreas Gursky’s inaugural photo show was then all a … Continued

Every Possible Splat

Turning away from Green Park tube station and heading off down St James Street, the sky turns an ominously darker shade of grey and I sense that the humidity quotient of the cloudy vaporous blanket precariously positioned in the tropospherical regions above the capital has just edged up a notch.  Maybe it’s because the crepuscular … Continued