Chronological Canter

Head over to Swiss Cottage tube station and after what seems like weeks of uninterrupted sunny blue skies, during which time I’ve been stuck in the study reading, writing and researching, when I do finally decide to temporarily interrupt these sedentary sessions of alliterative activity, get off my ‘r’s and take to the streets, the … Continued

Warm White Wine

First of all some exciting technological news:  after an extensive research programme into granular meta-data mining techniques and multi-logistical trend monitoring analysis, the special projects team of the marketing and promotions division of the Unvarnished publishing empire have set up an official Unvarnished account with Instagram – hence forward given the official address of unvarnished_official.  … Continued

Pedal Incumbrance

Somehow I seem to have pulled a muscle, twisted a ligament, ripped a cartilage or otherwise mangled one of those important bits of connective gristle that hold the bones and muscles together.  Consequently, my right leg doesn’t seem to be working as smoothly as it’s meant to according to the owner’s manual and, in fact, … Continued

Happy Happening

Start off the day at Oxford Circus tube station and, after the oppressive unremitting heat and drought of the past few weeks, the usually lush green pastures and cool damp water meadows of central London have been turned into a parched desert wasteland where the wind whistles over the bleached white bones of a dozen … Continued