Missing Muscles and Joints

Get out at Pimlico tube and head south but instead of carrying on down John Islip Street, nodding to the statue of John Everett Millais, the PRB who became PRA, and entering Tate Britain by the back entrance, I turn off to the right.  It’s another too hot day so I grab a can of … Continued

A Mrs Lovett Pie

Get a tube to the outer edges of the Jubilee Line and exit at North Greenwich which is not a station I come to very often.  In fact, the only other time I’ve ever actually been here before was about sixteen years ago, which is a bit of a clue as to its more precise … Continued

Baking Away Their Melanomas

Still at my temporary base camp in Brighton and it continues to be uncomfortably hot and sunny.  In fact, it’s the hottest and sunniest day of the year and I’m tempted once again to forget the art and make a dash for the beach, strip down to my racy, reproduction Olympic-style swimwear, plunge into the … Continued

Bland Brick Fetishism

Get the tube to Victoria and then catch a mainline train down to Brighton.  There’s a delay due to signal failure or engineering maintenance overruns or some such problem so I arrive about ten minutes late although, if the ongoing commuter horror stories that have been on television and in all the papers recently are … Continued

Some Conflicting Qualms

Get out the tube at Vauxhall station, follow the signs and successfully manage to emerge into the daylight at the right exit, just across from the bus station which, it has to be said, is definitely a rather curious, noteworthy construction.  And since, according to the electronic notice board, I’ve still got a few more … Continued

Salty Snacks and a Clamour of Cars

Over to Angel tube station then down the gentle slope of Old Street all the way to the bottom where the welcoming appearance of two graceful golden glowing arches indicates that speedy sustenance is instantly at hand for those who need it.  Not that I’m going to grab a Big Mac, or even a little … Continued

The Rather Small Fig Leaf

Get the tube to Hyde Park Corner and then take the short walk to the capital’s most famous address:  No1 London.  Well, that’s what it says in all the tourist guide books, although nobody mentions where No 2 was or why anybody would think it was a good idea to deliberately not bother telling the … Continued

Trying to Decode the Semiotical

Get out at Temple tube station and walk up the slight incline to get onto the Strand where I pause to take a quick look at the sculptural ornamentation that stands in front of St Clement Danes Church.  First off is a wonderful example of late Victorian* memorial architecture dedicated to the great 19th century … Continued

Young, Penurious and Curious

To Charing Cross tube station and then the short walk past the Edith Cavell memorial, that chunky piece of white marble honouring the nurse who was shot by the German military for helping British soldiers escape from Belgium during the First World War.  It’s not so much the more-than lifesize statue of the heroine that … Continued

Drinking Lots of Water

The last time I got out at Finchley Road tube station I remember feeling decidedly under the weather, suffering from what I initially thought was the malignant revenge of an currified crustacean although, as it eventually turned out, the cause of my considerable discomfort wasn’t the previous evening’s prawn bhuna but the stuttering transit of … Continued