Theological Interpretations

Head over to London Bridge station which seems to be looking a bit smarter these days, now that the major refurbishment work that’s been going for the past few years has finally been completed. I’m not sure it’s had much impact on the underground lines that converge here so I’m assuming that the main benefits … Continued

Foreground Groans

Head down to Green Park tube station and call into the local Pret a Manger to treat myself to a ham and cheese toastie and a decaffeinated frothacino and then, suitably refreshed, I undertake the short postprandial perambulation required to take me to the doors of the elegant Georgian townhouse that is home to the … Continued

Cheery Composure

Since last week’s blog offered up a sort of critical review of the previous year’s worth of artistic entertainments that were enjoyed and endured in approximately equal measures by your humble correspondent, I suppose that symmetry might suggest a not unreasonable course of action would then be to follow that up this week with an … Continued

Chocolate Box

…and so another new year begins.  But filled with the anticlimatical toporific lassitude that oftentides seems to accompany this particular chronological cusp, I don’t feel that I’ve yet managed to accumulate the sufficient reserves of psycho-spiritual momentum required to shift me out of my current customary yuletide hibernatory state and into the kind of more … Continued