Poor Postprandial Pranks

Wake up after a night full of tartan-coloured dreams to find that I’m still in Edinburgh, so decide to go and take a look at the Scottish National Gallery.  If I had to choose one word to sum up this place then I think it would have to be ‘quirky’ which, in this particular instance, … Continued

Sartorially Undishevelled

Decide that it’s time to take a journey up north, and I don’t just mean Camden Town or Finchley Road, but on to Kings Cross and then train it all the way to a surprisingly sunny Scotland.  Well, I was surprised, as the weathermen had forecasted gloom and doom whereas it turned out to be … Continued

The Former is Warmer

To the Royal Academy today and up the frosted glass staircase to get to the Sackler Wing for one of their small but serious exhibitions devoted to an examination of an old master – and this time it’s time to take a look at the work of Giorgio Barbarelli da Castelfranco, the artist commonly known … Continued

Not So Brief Encounters

Gosh but it’s nice to be back home in the UK after my sunny Spanish sojourn.  But even though I’ve brushed the sand from my espadrilles, it seems that I haven’t quite escaped the place yet since scanning through my NECA gallery listings guide I can’t help noticing that David Zwirner has an exhibition entitled … Continued

Rather Crudely Pixilated

And it’s still sunny on the Costa Brava today as I head off on a simpler, flatter, drier and altogether far less adventurous coach ride to Figueres, birthplace of Salvador Dali and now home to his spectacular Teatre-Museu.  Not surprisingly, the general, overblown, slightly silly Surrealistic décor here is in much the same vein as … Continued

To Retain the Fried Eggs

It’s pleasing to be able to report that the Costa Brava is really rather pleasant at this time of the year.  The sky is a deep, monochromatic blue, barely besmirched by the slight white smear of a couple of passing clouds, and a constant draft of cooling breezes acts like a thermostatic control, reducing the … Continued

The Impasto Onslaught

It seems like spring has definitely arrived today and sprung a leak somewhere up there in the sky, as I keep getting rained on as I go on my ramble around looking for some art to look at.  The weather is all annoyingly intermittent as if the drips can’t quite decide whether to fall to … Continued

Cleopatra’s Kitchen Sink

While it’s never made it onto my bucket list, it’s certainly somewhere that I’ve always had in the back of my mind as a place that I should definitely get along to take a look at one day.  Now that day has come, so off I go to Holborn tube and take the short walk … Continued