The Absolutely Most Zeitiest

To Chalk Farm tube station and then start walking up Haverstock Hill before turning off to get to the Methodist chapel half way along Prince of Wales Road.  Well, it is Sunday so it seems an appropriate place to visit today, although I’m not so much seeking after spiritual sustenance as artistic enlightenment.  And that’s … Continued

The Happy Mundanities

Get out the tube at Kings Cross and head towards York Road, which involves crossing the concourse outside the mainline train station. Not surprisingly, it’s a bustling space with people heading about in all directions:  some in a hurry rushing to catch trains to take them out of the capital while others, just arrived, look … Continued

An Underground Dungeon

To Vauxhall tube station and off to a surprisingly good start when I successfully manage to guess the right exit to escape from this subterranean labyrinth and emerge into the daylight just where I want to be, round the back of the famous MI5 building.  I can see a security woman here waving people in … Continued

Big Brown Fish

Once again start my ramble at Green Park tube station and head north, this time going along Dover Street to get to the Gazelli Art House.  Ben Tricklebank has been given the ground floor to display a couple of photographs of a model who has her eyes closed and is part submerged in a pool … Continued

Understandably Itchy

Down to Southwark tube station en route to Tate Modern but first make a slight detour to check out what’s happening at the Jerwood Space.  And this time it’s a presentation of work by the winners of their annual Painting Fellowship, a very generous scheme which not only gives the selected young artists a chunk … Continued

Tiny Diatomic Critters

Decide it’s time to have another quick look round some of the commercial galleries to see what they’re showing, so start off today’s ramble at Green Park tube and head north up Albermarle Street.  The first thing to catch my eye is an old rusty metal contraption stuck in the front window of Connaught Brown … Continued

To Mutter Imprecations

Following on from my fleeting visit to Edinburgh the other week, it feels like it’s time to go and take a look at some more artworks from north of the border though, fortunately, this time around I only have to travel a wee bit north of the river to actually get to see them.  Hence, … Continued

New Imperial Clothing

Instead of heading off to take a look at some pictures at Tate Britain, today is a bit different and I suppose I should really say that I’m going down to the Gallery to have a think about some art.  I’ll still be seeing stuff made by artists that’s hanging on the walls or placed … Continued