A Few Leitmotifs Short

Decide to take a look at some video art today although, I have to admit, I’ve never been a great fan of the form.  Nevertheless, one has to keep an open mind on these things and shouldn’t prejudge – and maybe today I’ll see something that will be so whizzo fantastical that I’ll have a … Continued

3-in-1 Meal-Deal Promotions

To Piccadilly tube station and then on to the Royal Academy which is still bustling with people going to see this year’s Summer Exhibition, spread over a dozen rooms of the main gallery space.  But today I sidestep that genteel mob and nip up the backstairs to get to the smaller Sackler Wing, currently given … Continued

Rosy-Coloured Remembrance

And I’m still en Paris where, thankfully, a few clouds have come out to play, making the temperature drop by a couple of degrees to a more pleasant level of bearability, as I take a morning stroll over to the 4th arrondissement to get to the Centre Pompidou.  What strikes me first about this once … Continued

Stretched, Squeezed and Shredded

I guess our cousins across the Channel are probably feeling a bit bruised and bemused by the audacity of the UK’s recent decision to depart their continental club.  And so, as a good European, I feel duty bound to try to reassure them that despite the apparent brutality of the Brexit brejection, some of us … Continued

Nails on a Blackboard

Manage to get round quite a few little commercial galleries today so there’s no time for any rambling introduction and instead it’s a brisk walk from Oxford Circus tube station barging aside the tourist crowds to get to my first stop in Dering Street.  For while David Hockney is receiving lots of generally fawning publicity … Continued

Neutered and De-Fanged

It feels like it’s time to go and have a look at the latest show at the ICA and, since it’s a pleasant sunny day and I’m not in much of a hurry, I decide to take the scenic route starting off at Green Park tube and heading down Albermarle Street.  I can’t help noticing … Continued

The Murmuring Hum of Contentment

Get off the tube at Brixton which, depending on your sense of alliteration, is either just as variform in its vibrant vivacity, or chaotic in its clamorous craziness, as it always has been.  I suppose it offers both the best and worst in city life but, energizing or enervating, today it’s just a transit point … Continued

Whale or Minnow, Ocean or Puddle

To Southwark tube station and on to Tate Modern to check out a couple of temporary exhibitions that have just opened up, and also to have another look round the new Switch House extension.  So, first off it’s up the elevators to the fourth floor of the original Boiler House part of the gallery for … Continued

More Attractive Purlieus

Get to Euston station and decide to use my trusty Citymapper app to guide me on my route to The Foundling Museum.  This is another of those places that I’ve known about for years and always meant to go along and investigate what they’ve got to offer but never quite got around to doing so.  … Continued

A Bit Gooey and Nostalgic

Get the tube down to Pimlico which, of course, means I’m going off to see what’s showing at Tate Britain but en route I call into the Chelsea Space, a small exhibition venue attached, both physically and metaphorically, to the Chelsea College of Art, although I’ve no idea what exactly is precise nature of their … Continued