The Wobbling Mounds

To Victoria station and then walk down Buckingham Palace Road to get to the Queen’s Gallery for Canaletto and the Art of Venice.  And, judging by some of the comments appended to previous blogs, I kind of think that that’s the sort of opening line to a review that will make half the subscribers emit … Continued

An Empty Chequered Grid

Get the tube to Aldgate East and then take the half a dozen necessary steps to get into the Whitechapel Gallery.  Here the whole of the main ground floor space has been given over to Benedict Drew to show off the five, interlinked site-specific installations that he’s constructed and which, in combination, add up to … Continued

Bold Bravado

To South Kensington tube station and then walk up Exhibition Road where it looks like the hoardings that have been covering up the building work going on inside the Victoria & Albert Museum are soon to be removed.  It’ll be interesting to see just what’s revealed when the bandages do finally come off.  I suppose … Continued