Gristle and Giblets

Head down to Piccadilly and then along to the Royal Academy which is celebrating its 250th anniversary year by undergoing a bit of an architectural spring clean and tidy up.  I don’t think there have been any actual extensions or additions made to the basic structure of the mighty Burlington House building but various new … Continued

Vanilla Marshmallow

After the Parisian exertions and provincial excursions of the past few weeks of blogs, it feels like time to return to the capital and go for a quick catch-up wander around to see what’s happening cityside.  And so, with no particular plan in mind, I get out the tube at Green Park and walk up … Continued

Spaghettified Mess

Last week’s blog charted my day trip out to take look round Oxford and so, by a rather pleasing piece of not entirely serendipitous symmetry, today I find myself heading out to that other twin peak of pedagogic promulgation – Cambridge.  I’ve been meaning to come here for a while to check out the recent … Continued

Townies, Gownies

After the last couple of Francophiliastical blogs I’m now returned to the bosom of our own dear little sceptered isle set in its silver sea but still feeling in fairly touristic mood so decide to venture outside the confines of the capital and head off for a day trip to Oxford.  I suppose I tend … Continued