Floppy Flop

What does it mean to be a male in today’s world? Well, um, er, of course, er, crikey…ahem, hang on a minute, it er, well um er… On consideration, I suppose the different responses to a question like that tend to separate the male population out along a spectrum of possibilities – and apologies if … Continued

Squiggly Ripple

Whither painting?  It’s a question that’s been cropping up and bearing down on the kind of sad serious souls who have sufficient schedule space to consider such existential cultural conundrums, for a very long time. Certainly, at the start of the Modernist era it came to the fore when the first technological revolution gave rise … Continued

Lamentable Limitations

When it comes to the taxonomic classification and categorisation of art and artists from the Modernist age, while I may not be quite up to the neurotic specialist subject levels of the typical atypical Mastermind contestant, I still like to think I’ve got a pretty good understanding of who’s who and what’s what. So, I … Continued

Override Buttons

Head down to Charing Cross tube station and exit onto the Strand, where I call into a Pret a Manger to munch through one of their soggy bacon and egg brioches before continuing on and turning into Somerset House, crossing the Palladian piazza to get to the South Wing entrance, whereupon I pick up a … Continued