Cut-Up Processing

Head off to Vauxhall tube station and then take a stroll down the Albert Embankment.  The bright sunny sunshine of the Easter holiday has now clouded over to become a rather more clammy climactic condition with a slightly oppressive ambience that’s added to by the trio of low-flying helicopters that are circling above and emitting … Continued

Daisy Roots

As regular readers may recall, a couple of blogs ago I took a journey away from the capital to go to investigate the strangely strange yet oddly normal, youngish-oldish new town that is Milton Keynes and, more specifically, to check out the freshly revamped spaces of its recently revivified MK Gallery.  And here, amongst all … Continued

Purring Patrician

It’s been quite a few years since I last read my copy of Kenneth Clark’s majesterial masterwork The Nude and, frankly, I have to admit that even after extensive brow furrowing, head scratching and nose wrinkling, I still can’t seem to recall any of the characters or plot, let alone who did it or why … Continued

Chimeric Rubric

As the earth continues on its inexorable journey around the sun and, by turning another corner, so initiates the Spring equinox to come bounding into view, once more I start to feel the wanderlustical forces of nature rippling their way through the tropospherical ether and a seasonal siren call urging me to escape the confines … Continued