This Frozen Music

Head back down to Vauxhall tube station, skirt round the side of the MI6 building trying not to draw attention to myself, and then stroll along to Damien Hirst’s gallery in Newport Street which, despite some snarky comments about the design of the place I made in an earlier blog, nevertheless managed to win the … Continued

Dials on the Mental Goggles

To Victoria station and on to the Queens’s Gallery and I guess that Christmas must be approaching as there’s a great big fir tree stuck near the entrance.  It’s covered in the usual little ornamental lights but, instead of twinkly glass baubles or streams of tinsel hanging from the branches, there are dozens of little … Continued

To Befuddle the Eager

To Green Park tube station and stop off at Pret a Manger for a refreshingly fizzy elderberry and grape juice drink before exiting out into the drizzling rain and taking a brisk walk along Piccadilly to get to the welcoming shelter of the Royal Academy.  Having bitten the bullet and paid the annual members fee … Continued

Duplicitous and Fickle

To Charing Cross tube station and then the short walk across Trafalgar Square to get to the National Gallery, which means passing by the lisper’s nightmare, the famous fourth plinth – the empty one, the one unadorned by any statue of a long-departed royal or long-forgotten military buffer.  These days the space comes under the … Continued