A Hipster Tweak

Having consulted the geographical charts and updated the astrolabe, I realign my compass to a north-by-north-easterly setting and head off in the direction of the Hackney hamlets which, I am advised by my cursory wikipedia researches, are among the coolest locations in the capital – and I don’t think that means these areas are cursed … Continued

Contextual Stuffing

As regular readers may recall, last week’s blog rambled on to its happy conclusion at Pace London where there’s an invigorating display of the painting-cum-drawing-cum-collage combos that made Jean Dubuffet such a very interesting artist.  As is well-known, the inspiration for all these quirky cartoonistic creations lay with the artist’s interest in the spontaneous, unprofessional … Continued

Well-Directed Zephyr

According to my careful chronometric calculations, the Unvarnished blog site has now been up and running for exactly two years and one week, during which time I’ve managed to tap out just over a quarter of a million precision-guided words and scan in just under a thousand, slightly blurred photographic images.  On this anniversary occasion, … Continued

The Wider Cosmic Microcosm

Well, once again, it’s that time of the year when London’s artworld comes over all of a twitter.  And I don’t mean that in the exciting new epigrammatic, anti-loquacious, Trumpian, digital way but – as you’d expect from this blog – in the old-fashioned, pulse-racingly, heart-poundingly, eye-flutteringly, cheeks-flushedly, analogue formulation.  Yes, this is the week … Continued