Symbiotic Sensibility

The weather seems to be a bit snowy and sleety and, with ice underfoot, it’s not really time to go tramping the streets looking for galleries that have remained opened during the Christmas break.  Consequently, I thought I’d make today’s blog a bit different and take a chronological click through the five thousand or so … Continued

Whistling Icy Blasts

Once again start off at Piccadilly tube station but this time turn away from the main highway and go down a side street to get to Beetles & Huxley which sounds a bit like one of those fake names that marketing people conjure up after extensive focus group research in order to add a subliminal … Continued

Taxonomic Rankers

Head over to Piccadilly tube station and then stroll down to the Royal Academy and up into the Reynolds Room for another lecture linked to the current Dali-Duchamp exhibition.  As regular readers may recall, a couple of blogs ago I spent an hour listening to Paul B Franklin expatiating on the merits of Marcel’s Large … Continued