On the Pastier Side

Get the tube to Southwark and then walk down to Tate Modern to take a look at the big new exhibition that’s recently opened there and which is entitled Soul of a Nation:  Art in the Age of Black Power.  So, whose soul, which nation, what age, what power?  Well, as the accompanying gallery leaflet … Continued

Madeleine Moments

Get the tube to Oxford Circus where, surfacing to street level, I find that the weather dial is still stuck on summer and the sun continues to emit its pulsating streams of hot yellow beams, the trajectory of which remain unimpeded by any chilling cloudy cumuli.  Today, however, there does seems to be some slight … Continued

Auto-Suggestive Psychomindtrickery

Head up north to Angel tube station and exit out onto the steaming hot pavements of Islington looking for some shade to shield me from all those energized electron particles and pulsating ultra violet radiation rays that are streaming down from the sky above and thus signalling that summer has once again determined to make … Continued

Gustatory Imbalance

To Piccadilly tube station and then walk along to the Royal Academy for a look at what’s going on in this year’s Summer Exhibition.  In fact, I’m paying a return visit having undertaken a cursory reconnaissance tour a couple of weeks ago.  On that occasion I was decidedly underwhelmed by the experience but thought it … Continued