Calorific Comestibles

Notwithstanding the relative serendipitous success of last week’s unpreplanned artistic perambulations, I’m reluctant to risk tempting the fates again quite so soon and, instead, decide today to organise a proper itinerary of galleries to visit, using as my guide the latest bimonthly issue of the very useful New Exhibitions of Contemporary Art*.  And so, having … Continued

Night Buffering

Today is one of those unplanned days when I haven’t had a chance to check out what exhibitions are on offer and so decide just to have a general wander around the arty bits of town, ambling slowly northwards from my starting off point outside Green Park tube station.  And I guess that I must … Continued

Corvid Calculation

Having decided to take a day trip away from pounding the mean streets of the teeming metropolis a couple of weeks ago in order to check out the artistic delights on offer among the provincial bucolic backwaters of Oxford, I now feel a mysterious cosmic force of symmetrical dimensionality compelling me towards visiting its lighter … Continued

Another Bugbear

It’s fairly easy to see the attraction of the big Bonnard blockbuster exhibition that’s currently packing crowds of art lovers into the main space at Tate Modern.  A dozen rooms filled with bright, colourful, life-enhancing evocations of the idyllic French bourgeois good-life lifestyle enjoyed by the artist his wife and lovers during a season of … Continued

Clickbaitable Allure

Pierre Bonnard’s White Tablecloth (1925) from his current Tate Modern retrospective; Richard Serra’s ‘T’ With Two (1986) minimalist metal sculpture consisting of a pair of carefully balanced hot-rolled steel plates, that was recently shown at the Simon Lee Gallery; and a still from Amie Siegel’s video Genealogies (2016) from her installation Backstory at the Thomas … Continued