Chilly Tingling

Head down to Piccadilly and then walk along to the Royal Academy to take another look at the Antony Gormley extravaganza-fest in which the artist has been given free rein to fill all thirteen rooms of the main gallery area with a mix of prints, sketches, notepads and, of course, sculptural works – that range … Continued

Almanacs and Oracles

A couple of months ago there was a brief item on the TV news about how the artist Ai Weiwei had decided to depart from Germany where he’d been living for the past four or five years following his self-imposed exile from China. And while I’m not sure the story went into the precise details … Continued

Sunk Costs

Head down to Pimlico tube station and then watch the storm clouds start to gather as I set off on the ten minute walk to get to Tate Britain.  The nearer I get to the gallery, the darker the skies become and I’m expecting to get a disheartening dousing on the final fifty yard dash … Continued

Heightened Excitability

Head down to London Bridge tube station and take the Tooley Street exit, which means barging past the troupe of poor, sad out-of-work actors who lurk around this part of the concourse dressed up as ghouls and ghosts in order to help get in character for the demanding role of handing out tourist flyers for … Continued