Grouchy Old Men

To Southwark tube station and then walk round the backstreets to get to the ramp that leads down into Tate Modern’s ground zero level, the so-called Turbine Hall that each year gets handed over to some new artist who’s then given a commission and told to fill it up with art.  It’s such a massive, … Continued

Global Greasy Pole

Back to Charing Cross tube station for a return visit to the National Portrait Gallery where I was blogging just a couple of weeks ago.  When I went there last time it was to take a look at Behind the mask, another mask, an odd sort of hybrid show which interweaves a bunch of private … Continued

Blowing Bubbles

Down to Pimlico again and round to Tate Britain, entering by the side entrance in Atterbury Street.  The foyer here is a bit of a busy, messy space as visitors – especially newcomers to the place – tend to gather in little huddles in the middle while trying to orientate themselves and figure out which … Continued

Off to the Gulag

To West Hampstead tube station and then from the Underground to the Overground and another couple of stops over to Hampstead Heath.  It’s not an area of London that I’m all that familiar with so when I exit the station, unsure of the direction to travel, I decide to tag on to one of the … Continued

Slowly Suffocating

To Piccadilly tube station and then cross Regent Street and head down to the Marion Goodman Gallery which is one of those rather slick and stylish international organisations with outposts in Paris and New York and now a lovely large building in the middle of central London.  Exhibitions here are always elegantly staged, the art … Continued