Beanbag Sofas

Head over to Holborn tube station and start walking in the direction of the British Museum.  The big show on there at present is all about the ancient Assyrian King Ashurbanipal, a name I vaguely recall from all those ancient history lessons I had to sit through under my ancient ancient history teacher, the frail … Continued

Romantic Bohemian Adventurism

Head down to Temple tube station and emerge into a grey grizzly gloom that I suspect may be a presaging augury signalling the end of a short sunshiney autumn and the start of a long cold winter.  And as I trudge my way up the slightly forlorn backstreets that lead into the bustling thoroughfare of … Continued

Structurally Shaky

Head down to Piccadilly and then stroll along to Burlington House only to discover the erection of an unhappy interloper sited awkwardly within the central space of its beautifully proportioned car park piazza.  Yes, once again, the Royal Academy’s decorators have come up with another entertaining way to clutter up the courtyard entrance to their … Continued

Quotidian Rationality

Down to Oxford Circus tube station for another morning orienteering my way around some of the smarter commercial galleries in the Bond Street quarter of the capital’s cultural Monopoly Board of artworld entertainment.  First off is a ride up the small mirrored elevator that deposits me outside the heavy white doors of the fourth floor … Continued

Decadent Resonances

Head down to Pimlico en route to get to Tate Britain but decide to make an unscheduled stop off at the Chelsea Space gallery.  It’s only a relatively small display space here but the exhibitions, which tend to be centered around archives and ephemera rather than straightforward arrangements of paintings and sculptures, can usually be … Continued