The Deconstructionist Mill

Down to Charing Cross tube station and along to the National Portrait Gallery to take a look at Cezanne Portraits.  And, unlike the Tate’s Impressionists in London – a name which, rather ironically, might very well give the wrong impression as to the actual contents of the exhibition being promoted – here is a title … Continued

Around the Bustles

To Piccadilly station and then, once again, stroll along to the Royal Academy where the elegant statue of Sir Joshua Reynolds, the eminent portraitist, lecturer and first President of that august institution, stands proud in his breeches and frockcoat, holding a preening posture with palette in one hand and brush in the other.  But today … Continued

Other Shooting Stars

Down to Green Park tube station and then walk along Piccadilly before turning into Albermarle Street where there are a handful of commercial galleries all within close proximity of one another and which, while insufficient perhaps to generate the interconnected synergies that might evolve into a fully-fledged dynamic hub of energetic inspiration and innovation are, … Continued

The Love Gasoline

To Piccadilly tube station and then walk along to get to the Royal Academy and the Reynolds Room where Paul B Franklin – an American academic who appears to have devoted his life to researching, analysing, interpreting, proselytising and promoting the life, works and thoughts of the mighty great granddad of Dada, Marcel Duchamp – … Continued

Misshape the Body

Having orientated myself orientally, I head out to Aldgate East tube station en route to get to the Whitechapel Gallery, a space that is marvelously – one might almost say consistently – inconsistent in the quality of the exhibition that it chooses to stage in the two cavernous exhibition spaces that make up its main … Continued