Kind of Mildly Duplicitous

Once again it’s off to Charing Cross tube station and then across Trafalgar Square en route to get to the National Gallery.  But then, heading towards the steps that lead up to the columns and portico of the main entrance, I can see that this path into the building has been closed off and there’s … Continued

Confound the Bard

To Charing Cross tube station where I exit into Trafalgar Square and then take the short walk to get to the revolving doors that lead in to the National Portrait Gallery.  And entering here I often think of the quote from Macbeth where early on in the play poor old King Duncan comes out with … Continued

Spin the Sharpest

Head off to the Barbican which, I suppose, is a sort of umbrella name that covers not just the underground stop, where I detrain, but the upmarket housing estate, through which I then need to traverse, and also the famously labyrinthine cultural centre, whose art gallery I’ve come to look around today.  Sadly, the Barbican … Continued

Geometric Wrong Angles

To Marylebone and walk down the backstreets to get to the Lisson Gallery.  The seasons seems to have been changing gear over the past couple of days and so today, for the first time this year, I decide to follow suit and venture out without the protective layering of my usual heavy overcoat.  Consequently I’m … Continued

Her Equilateral Charms

Get the tube down to Brixton and exit the station straight into the usual vibrant chaotic noisy energetic mayhem that I remember so fondly from when I used to live here not so many years ago.  But then I cross the road, get the P4 bus and by the time I disembark, about fifteen minutes … Continued