Cathartic Release

Down to Pimlico and round to Tate Britain to take a look at their latest show All Too Human which – since it’s occupying a dozen rooms of the main display area and running for the next six months right through until the end of August – must, I suppose, be intended as the gallery’s … Continued

Surfer Slacker

First of all apologies for some problems with the service delivery over the past few months.  It seems that some subscribers weren’t getting the email alerts advising when a new blog had been posted and then, as a result of trying to fix the problem, other subscribers ended up getting multiple alerts and duplicate blogs.  … Continued

Sweet, Salty, Fatty

Over to Old Street tube station today and, once again, I have to scratch my head trying to figure out which of the confusion of subterranean exits is the best one to take.  Fortunately, when I do finally navigate my way out of the grim and grubby labyrinth and emerge into the grey and gloomy … Continued

Voluptuary Excess

Head down to Piccadilly and on to the Royal Academy where there’s a great big banner announcing their latest exhibition:  Charles I – King and Collector.  As the subtitle suggests, the show is a sort of examination-cum-celebration of the aesthetical tastes and accumulative instincts of the monarch who famously and, as it turned out, somewhat … Continued

Vitreous Pinnacles Even

Head down to Waterloo station and then enter the concrete labyrinthine complex that is the South Bank Centre.  The rain’s been chucking it down for the past few hours and, consequently, enormous puddles of water have accumulated along parts of the grim gray walkways and stairwells that lead on to the Hayward Gallery.  Despite the … Continued