Fresh Fried Delights

As diligent readers may recall, my last piece of bloggerific artistic analysis was posted out not from the usual hard-edged, mean streets of our unforgiving capital city down south but from the warm welcoming walkways and sunny scouse boulevards of that pearl of the north, Liverpool.  The basecamp for my recent exploratory sojourn, however, was … Continued

Mighty Fluvial Swirl

First of all, apologies for the late delivery of last week’s essay and I hope it didn’t spoil anyone’s weekend too much.  I’m still not exactly sure what caused the computerised glitch that prevented the usual Saturday morning dispatch from going out but my guess is that the software technology embedded within the WordPress blogger’s … Continued

Great Sadistic Delight

To Charing Cross Road and across Trafalgar Square where the hordes of happy tourists are, as usual, clambering all over the famous Landseer lions that stand at the base of Nelson’s Column.  And, considering the rough treatment to which these big bronze beasties are subject every single day, they still look in marvelous, near pristine … Continued

Lever Arch Files

Down to Oxford Circus tube station and emerging at ground level I find the torrents of rain that were cascading down from the heavens earlier this morning have subsided, leaving only big pools of water on the pavements for pedestrians to dodge past.  There’s still a bit of what the TV meteorologists call light precipitation … Continued