Middle Aged or More

To Piccadilly tube station and then the short walk to get to the Royal Academy for their annual Summer Exhibition which this year has been coordinated by Richard Wilson, currently being billed as one of the Britain’s most renowned sculptors.  But if that creative industry job title automatically makes you think of someone bashing away … Continued

Typical Climatic Conditions

To Lancaster Gate tube station and cross the road to get into Kensington Gardens.  It’s still a bit chaotic here at this entrance as there’s a gang of men digging up the pavement and using their big Tonka toy machines to rearrange other parts of the shrubbery.  The work seems to be part of a … Continued

As Silly as a Kipper Tie

Time to catch up on a bunch of the exhibitions showing at some of the commercial galleries in town – so it’s off to Bond Street tube station and the short walk south to get to Timothy Taylor, where the display of late works by Jean Dubuffet makes for a good start to the day.  … Continued

Occasional Pinch Points

To Southwark tube station and then walk on to join the queue of people waiting to get in to see what the new extension to Tate Modern looks like.  Today is one of the special preview days for members although, as the rain starts to pitter patter gently down, I can’t say that being a … Continued

The Individualised Satellite Modes

To Mornington Crescent tube station and I think the last time I came here I made some witty reference to the late Humphrey Lyttleton and his comedy radio quiz show that put this place on the map, so I won’t bother doing that again.  And anyway, this particular mornington I’m in a bit of a … Continued

Chips in a Mathematical Game

Sometimes when I’m going out on a ramble round a bunch of galleries I plan ahead and try to pick out artists and exhibitions that I think will have some linking feature, whether it’s a commonality of style, subject matter or some other art historical resonance.  More often, I sit down in a café with … Continued

French Tonsorialists

Head off out into the wilder reaches of Greater London today and a place not always immediately associated with the capital’s cultural capital nor the finer aspects of aesthetical good taste, with which this blog usually concerns itself.  In fact, it’s not so much fine art, as design and the documentation of a cultural phenomenon, … Continued