A Word Like Ouroboroi

Turn down the road next to Baker street tube station and walk up to Regents Park. Despite the fact that it’s less than a week from Christmas, the weather is sunny and warm and there’s not the slightest hint of a snowflake in sight. It seems like a good day to take a walk in … Continued

Expectorations Will Have to Wait

Get out at Holborn and weave my way through the backstreets to within spitting distance of the mighty British Museum but expectorations will have to wait as I’m not going there today and instead turn off to enter the Enitharmon Editions shop. Inside is a wonderful collection of odd little prints and, more particularly, copies … Continued

Donner and Blitzen

Go to Euston station and walk past the dreadful Paolozzi gray lump of a sculpture – that’s been sitting there and brooding for the past 35 years – and cross the road to the Wellcome Collection. Hopes of enjoying a peaceful coffee and cake are immediately confounded on finding the café very nearly full. Along … Continued

Stroppy Socialism or Mardy Marxism

Start the day in Eastcastle Street, which is just to the north of Oxford Street tube station. In the past few years, a bunch of small commercial galleries have set up shop here and I figure it should be fairly easy to take in three or four shows and find some art that’s interesting enough … Continued

Beautifully Refined and Yet Subtly Unkempt

Walking towards the West Cornwall Pasty stall on Marylebone Station, ahead of me is a wall of west Cornish pasties but then the customer at the counter shifts to the east and I can suddenly see there are some rolls left.  Pasties are an afternoon comfort food and it’s too early now to get involved … Continued

A Banana Skin on the Stairs

Eyes front and fingers stuffed in the ears is the order of the day when leaving Pimlico tube station. It’s a necessary safety precaution to shield the eyes from the godawful mural corridor of dreadful copies of famous paintings, and to protect the lugs from the horrendous sound of Turner, Mondrian, Dali, Degas, Gabo and … Continued

A Typical Day at the Abbatoir

Find myself walking under the watchful eye of the brooding bald eagle that is perched atop the American Embassy, so decide to take the opportunity to have a look at the statues of past presidents situated in the gardens of the adjoining Grosvenor Square. First, in order of seniority and accomplishment, comes Franklin Delanao Roosevelt, … Continued

Teri Bullen

To Hays Galleria and Cote for their fried breakfast. Along with some orange juice and coffee this costs about the same as a visit to Ai Weiwei at the Royal Academy, so it’s not cheap, and neither is it as intellectually stimulating. It does, however, fill you up and you definitely won’t want another one … Continued