Short Trousers

Head down to Piccadilly and up to the Royal Academy for the last blog of the year which, by happy coincidence is, arguably, going to be about one of the best shows of the year.  The exhibition in question being an interesting, entertaining and rather cleverly curated display of self-portraits that have been drawn, doodled, … Continued

Succulent Comestible

Today, in a rare twist of the current wintry meteorological trends, the heavens have shed the grim gray shroud that has recently been providing that depressing sense of seasonally affective disordering and replaced it instead with a shimmering cyanean skyscape through which now shines a fiercely penetrating orb of sheer golden brightliness.  And as for … Continued

Plashy Fens

Head down to South Kensington tube station and then walk up the steady slope that takes me past the tourists going to the Museums, the students going to Imperial College and the explorers going to the Royal Geographical Society. Finally I get to Kensington Gardens which is looking particularly radiant today, suffused as it is … Continued