Ghostly Simulacra

Decide it’s time once again to extend my rambling horizons beyond those of the teeming streets of the capital’s invigoratingly nervous hub and so determine to head off out into the great provincial wilderness and, more specifically, investigate the byways and backwaters of the fine old university town of Oxford.  And, of course, it’s pretty … Continued

Lingering Coda

While I’m not sure that it really matters very much in the greater scheme of things, for the sake of maintaining the temporal accuracy of the blogological record, it might be noted that today’s rambling offerance is by way of a bipartite continuation of that previously begun with last week’s discursive circumlocution.  And so, emerging … Continued

Formative Godfather

Head down to Green Park tube station and then stroll along Piccadilly to get to the Royal Academy for a chance to see their first blockbuster exhibition of the New Year.  And, rather like the Klimt–Schiele show that’s only recently come to a close, the Academy has decided again to forgo the idea of an in-depth … Continued

Sugar-Rush Certainty

Head down to Southwark tube station and the shallow smattering of seasonal snowflakes that were gently swirling earthwards yesterday and coating the streets with their chilly white auguries of future frostiness have all melted away.  But the biting wind remains, the sky is a duller shade of gray and even subsumed under my beanie hat … Continued