Grains, Grits and Gravel

Wake up today with an unhappy dyspeptic rumbling in the lower gastric regions and an unpleasant rhythmic thumping in the upper cranial compartments and, gazing upward, I find that the damp patch, that usually hangs like a soggy Damocletian sword on the ceiling directly above my recumbent self, is nowhere to be seen.  Either I’ve … Continued

Proustian Madeleines

  Hard to believe, but the Unvarnished blogsite has now been up and running for three long years which, I guess, means your humble scribe must have tapped out somewhere approaching a quarter of a million elegantly crafted words and posted around a thousand slightly blurry images.  So, how is this landmark occasion to be … Continued

Crumpled Hopes

Go down to Tottenham Court Road tube station and then start heading in the direction of the British Museum before turning off at a right angle to get to the Paul Stolper gallery where there’s a succinct but rather neatly crafted exhibition by Gavin Turk.  Entitled White Van Man, the display consists of a thematic … Continued

Crocodile Lines

Head down to Waterloo and then stroll along to the Hayward Gallery where, following on from a couple of fairly disappointing one-person exhibitions – Andreas Gursky’s giant photographs and Lee Bul’s sculptures and installations – now comes a thematic group show which, sad to report, seems to me to offer yet again a rather depressing … Continued