Anatomical Positionings

Down to Piccadilly station and off to the Royal Academy which, thankfully, is quite a bit quieter today than it has been over the past few months.  With the Summer Show now ended, the polite hubbub of people who make their special annual pilgrimage to see that particular seasonal favourite has consequently subsided and, as … Continued

Contrasting Light Relief

To Oxford Circus tube station and then walk past McDonald’s and down on towards Muji and beyond.  Many’s the time I’ve trudged along this particular route and been so deeply involved in deconstructing the intricacies of my own meandering random thought processing, or else been distracted by the turbulent torrents of oncoming touristic traffic that … Continued

A Final Climactic Selfie

Decide that it’s time to take a break from seeking cultural treats by pounding my lonely path down the mean streets of the capital and so head out for a day trip into the wild bucolic wilderness of the outer Home Counties, and specifically that place where aspiring dreamers go to commune among the dreaming … Continued

The Smallest Blip

Take the tube out to Finchley Road and then walk up the hill to get to the Camden Arts Centre.  And here the main galleries are filled not with the usual rather self-consciously modish video displays, installations or mixed-media sculptural-cum-bricollage site-specific whatnots, with which so many of the non-commercial, grant funded galleries seem so often … Continued

Personal Culinary Tastes

To Tottenham Court Road tube station and then take the shortish walk round the corner to get to the British Museum.  I had wanted to take a look at the exhibition here of Hokusai prints which has been getting rave reviews but, checking it out on the Museum’s website yesterday, I realise that – drat … Continued

A Fleeting Sensation

Down to Regent’s Park tube station and then take the short walk to get into the grounds of the princely Park.  But grizzly grey clouds are starting to gather above and I can’t help thinking that I may have picked the wrong day to step outside the safe-zone sterility of the climate-controlled, air-conditioned, light-monitored, dehumidified, … Continued